Nimali Welikala

Head of Human Resources

Nimali Welikala is a rose among thorns at N*able.
In a company led, dominated and founded primarily by men, Nimali has brought much needed balance, both in terms of gender and in terms of process and structure to the company. Having worked at corporates such as MAS, HSBC and Virtusa, Nimali possesses all the tools of the HR trade to bring out the best from the team at N*able.
Graduating from the University of Delhi, with a degree in HR & Industrial Relations, she joined apparel giant MAS. Whilst there she completed her post-graduate degree at the University of Colombo. Working in three separate divisions of MAS, she thoroughly enjoyed her stay, while eagerly learning her trade. Making a career switch to the banking sector with HSBC she continued her learning there.
"The exposure and the training was amazing, I even got to present at a national HR conference. I got the opportunity to play a dual role: as a generalist and specialist."
After taking a career break, migrating to Australia and moving back to Sri Lanka in the interest of family, she re-entered the world of HR joining Virtusa, giving her the challenge of working with knowledge workers.
"It gave me a different flavor in my work. A new perspective to demands of knowledge workers. I learned different approaches when dealing with people, different perspectives when having a conversation. It was a process-driven global company, but as HR we had the challenge of enforcing these processes."
Soon, after being approached by a head-hunter, Nimali found herself at N*able as its very first Head of HR, faced with the challenge of bringing in HR processes into a maturing startup. Using her knowledge and experience working with different types of workers Nimali has approached this challenge earnestly and enthusiastically, determined to make an impact.
"For me it is very important to feel that I am integrated to the business, and to know that I add value to the business. As HR professionals, we need to have insight as to how our deliverables create value, and to help organizations get better results through people. To be involved in developing strategies that makes a business successful."
"I want to understand the business challenges, and through HR practices, help the business leaders overcome those challenges. HR Practices need to target individuals and not organizations through customized, more employee relevant practices."
At N*able Nimali has the a unique opportunity to make a difference to the business and drive a positive change through her work and to witness firsthand the fruits of her efforts, giving her the opportunity to learn and grow with the company.
"At N*able, I feel I am part of the business strategy and business plan more than any other company I worked for. Being involved in the planning process I was able to really understand the value of each individual and each business unit. It helps to appreciate the effort of people better, and meaningfully drive HR efforts."
"N*able is a paradise for a young person to come and learn. You learn on your own by doing things and taking initiatives. The guidance and the opportunities are always there. For anyone who has a hunger to learn, the experience is invaluable."