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    Connecting People

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Transforming Digital Lifestyle Partners

Telecom operators couldn't understand what their customers wanted, and as a result their traditional businesses had started to become irrelevant. smarter businesses were using their networks to connect to customers as personal and relevant. WhatsApp replaced SMS. IDD (international direct dialling) was replaced by Skype. And now, even regular voice connectivity is being replaced by these Over The Top (OTT) providers like WhatsApp, Skype and Viber.

Telecom operators were losing money as a result of other businesses using their platforms, better than the operator itself. When we approached the country's largest operator with a solution to this problem, our goal was this; to build platforms to enable personal, contextual and predictive services to the consumer and as a result of our solutions, the operator knew the consumer far better than any other business, and have the ability to offer personalised services. And because the operator has this insight that could help other businesses connect to consumers better, it no longer has to be just a conduit to be taken advantage of, but becomes a powerful intermediary between businesses and consumers. This is a paradigm shift in telecom services, as operators are no longer viewed as carriers of bits and bites, but rather become a strategic partner for a digital lifestyle.

Networks & Security

Safe and Reliable Networks

You check into office, open your laptop and start dealing with the flurry of emails, connect to various applications and portals and maybe stream some music online. You don't consciously think about the wifi network you connected to or it's security. Behind the curtains and wifi passwords lies a network of devices, securityy measures and policies that allow you to continue with your work with a safe connection.

Our Networking and security teams work on multiple layers that provide corporations, government organizations and public infrastructure with safe and reliable connectivity, through the physical network infrastructure and the virtual safety measures and policies needed to secure it; so that whether its someone connecting to their office wifi, or a toll booth operator entering a receipt could carry on their work without interruption.

Virtualization Networking

Crtical Facilities

Precise and Efficient

Buildings are like living organisms in many ways. With the advent of technology and the scarcity of resources, physical infrastructure needs to be more efficient, connected and smart. This is especially true of purpose built specialized infrastructure, such as data centers or the railroad system. Our critical facilities practice focuses on bringing cutting edge technology into the physical realm.

Data center design and buildout is a a key competency we have developed within the critical facilities practice. Data centers have stringent quality standards and our goal has been to not just build compliant data centers but also energy efficient ones. One of the data centers we built for a customer has received Tier III status by the uptime institute, which became the first one in the country to receive this status. It stands as a testament to our commitment to keeping the gold standard in critical facilities. IoT is another area of focus for us, where we see an array of opportunities.

A key project we have embarked on is the automation of level crossings for the Sri Lankan Railway, jointly with the University of Moratuwa. This for us a culmination of all that we strive for with our critical facilities practice; using technology to make physical spaces safer and smarter for all of us.

System Architecture

From siloed applications to connected services.

Remember that time you posted a photo on instagram and allowed it to post on your Facebook profile too? It's done through APIs, a way by which different applications talk to each other. But when it comes to connecting applications with more complex environments, with different systems, databases and purposes, the processs of getting those applications to talk to each other becomes a lot more complicated.

Our application innovation teams operate in these environments in the banking and telecom sector primarily, helping these industries to keep up to pace with changes in technologies. The applications in these sectors are mission critical and have a zero error tolerance. The goal of our team is to build and deploy solutions that help our customers to connect these applications so they could be agile and respond to their customer's needs faster and more meaningfully.


Making sense of the present, and the future

We're living id a day and age where every interaction is recorded. Whether you buy a fruit to snack on, track your workouts on a smart band or ship finished product out from your factory, all records are stored. But what do you do with all that data? Enter our Analytics team. Analytics is to use data to make sense of the present and predict the future. But prediction is not just enough, and sometimes we need to "see" the facts present today. Our analytics teams deploys solutions that allows businesses to clearly visualize and make sense of business indications, present and future.

Our team uses the right mix of analytical models and algorithms with the business acumen of our clients to predict opportunities with the best outcomes. The result; businesses are able to react sooner and capitalize on opportunities previously unseen.

Customer Stories

Microsoft Enterprise Solutions

Accelerating enterprise growth and collaboration

Everyone knows microsoft for their iconic products like windows, powerpoint, word and excel. And as much as Microsoft provides consumer products, they have an entire suit of solutions that allow businesses to function better, and to also bring this consumer grade experience into the workplace.

We have been an action oriented partner for Microsoft, deploying solutions across the board, from Office 365 to SQL Server licensing, from Azure Identity Management to PowerBI dashboards. The fact that we won an award for being the most innovative partner in the emerging markets partner conference stands as a testament to this. The Microsoft partnership is a strategic practice for N*Able, and is a core driver behind some of our most innovative solutions.