Sampath Subasinghe

Lead Consultant

A past-pupil of Royal College and the University of Moratuwa, Sampath Subasinghe has been a mainstay of the N*able workplace and silent contributor to its success from the very beginning.
Hailing from MIT and DPIT before that, Sampath has seen the company grow from the ground up as one of its founder members. Initially recruited to handle OSS & BSS solutions he has now grown to a much larger role.
Today he is handling IP surveillance and other facets of the interesting 'smart city' concept.
Deploying solutions for the Southern Expressway, the Secretariat for Personal Identification and many other large-scale projects, Sampath has been engaged in many areas during his six-year tenure at N*able.
Looking back at the inception of the company, Sampath is proud of how far the company has come. He recalls how at start, and through trying times, each individual did more than what was required of them.
"When we started off I remember myself and a few others walked around Colombo to find a car park we could afford, because the cost was eating into our profit. That wasn't our role, we were engineers, but it wasn't a big deal for us, because we saw the company as something of our own."
Sampath sees the reason for N*able's success as its informal yet structured culture. The employees, he feels, have the freedom to carry out their roles to the best of their abilities.
"There are no tiers at N*able, we had this culture from the start. We all have the autonomy to make decisions and operate as we feel best. It is a unique culture and environment."
He is confident that with its recent ventures into new exciting areas of technology, N*able is bound to grow beyond the borders of Sri Lanka.