Vajira Wijesinghe

Head of Services Creation and Delivery

Although he avoids the spotlight and may seem quiet in comparison to his colleagues, when Vajira speaks, the clarity with which he expresses himself and the substance underlying his subtle charisma, speaks volumes of the capacity and capability of the man. Even in times of disagreement and struggle, Vajira has a calming influence which can be felt in his speech, not brought forth through force or effort, but rather, through honesty and clarity and honesty.
Couple these skills with over 15 years of industry experience, the wisdom to envision the future and an uncanny ability to understand the needs of the end consumer; Vajira's value to the company and to his clients, cannot be measured or put into words. Vajira graduated from the  Mllennuim ITUniversity of Moratuwa, and was one of the first recruits to N*able, instrumental in establishing the credentials of the company earlier on.

"When we were at our previous employer,MIT the conversations that we were exposed to were purely technical in nature. It wasn't until I joined N*able that I became part of a business conversation. Here, even a low level employeea new  hasrecruit has some level of exposure to business. This allows new recruits them to gain a valuable business perspective of a solution, as opposed to simply being tied to a technical role."

Heading the futuristic "Broadband MonetizationServices Creation and Delivery" practice, working closely with large telecom operators such as SLT, Mobitel and Dialog, Vajira is currently working with them to discover new potential sources of revenue while leading the transition of all of Sri Lanka's major telecom operators to a more sustainable business model through architectural innovation.

"Business drives technology. It is an underlying business need that drives technology to satisfy that need. Technologies that couldn't cater to the dynamics of businesses have died over the time. Earlier we thought that the technology was driving the business, but today we see it is clearly the business need which drives the technology and N*able is a breeding ground to have that conversation. The business awareness that we gain here is hard to find elsewhere."

Vajira feels that the strong foundation that N*able has created over the past 6 years is enough to build a successful business towards 2020. The company must constantly drive towards value creation and move forward under the vision that it has mapped out for itself whilst remaining relevant to its clients.
"If we look at our journey, where we are, the Brand name that we have created around N*able is extremely valuable. If we stay focused, with the capabilities that we have, we can move forward confidently. But we need to create awareness across the board so that all levels of the organization are well informed and everyone is aligned with our vision. Over hundred employees, N*able is not a startup anymore."

But amidst this vision for the business, Vajira sees the well-being of N*able's employees as the most important outcome of the company's evolution.
"In the same way we create value for the shareholder, we need to focus on creating value for the employee. If we talk about revenue per employee, we also need to consider return per employee!"

"We need to cultivate a culture where we have a life beyond work. Work should only be one aspect of your life; you need to balance it with personal life including family, friends and social work in order to be a balanced human being."