Asantha Ranathunge

Consulting Engineer - Application Infrastructure & Database systems

Although he joined the company for a simple salary, Asantha Ranatunga has brought immense value to N*able as an engineer. Joining the ranks during troubled times, when the company was just a year old, struggling to stay afloat and battling the global recession, he became a significant part of N*able's turnaround efforts. Familiar with many technologies, he rose quickly to prominence as an expert in virtualization.
Asantha commenced his career at E-channeling as a systems administrator. He joined N*able after a brief stint at Eureka Technology Partners with the intention of continuing on as a network engineer. While at N*able he took the opportunity of learning many technologies and was soon driving virtualization in the market, a technology unheard of at the time. He gained experience quickly, involved in many project implementations.
"Since I was very junior, I was sent for every implementation. I took the opportunity and was able to learn fast. The virtualization trend was just beginning at the time, Peter was very keen on it and we became experts in the area. I had come across the technology when studying for my HND but I had no prior experience in it."
At N*able, Asantha led many virtualization efforts, involved in solutions at Commercial Bank, Dialog, Etisalat, Ooredoo Telecom, Virtusa and John Keells, the last being the first deployment of SAP on a virtualized VMware platform in all of South-Asia! He became an expert in the field bringing recognition to N*able and becoming part of an industry-wide transformation.
"Today almost everyone is into virtualization. Back then, no one knew what it was. We were the ones who really got behind it and pushed the solution in the market. I remember how difficult it was to convince customers of the technology."
After dominating the virtualization arena, he now feels he is ready to take on new technology and different solutions. He understands that the company and its people must adapt with technology.
Now, having been with N*able for 5 years, Asantha fondly recalls a time when the company was trying to make ends meet and when everything meant so much to everyone. He is proud of where the company stands today, what it has been through and its future prospects.
"We started out with almost nothing, back in the day when we won a 1K deal we would applaud, shout and celebrate! Today, sometimes we don't even feel it when we bring in a 1MN dollar dealā?¦that's how much we've grown! It makes you feel good to see how far the company has come and to know that you have contributed to its success."
"I think with our current growth, the scope in Sri Lanka will not be enough for us. We will have to look for projects overseas. Our technical capabilities, leadership and culture are our core strengths. We have the cream of the country's network engineers, a visionary leadership and a culture where everyone helps each other. These are our strengths."