The Head of Strategic Support will support the Chief Executive. The Chief Executive in his day to day operations will work closely with the leadership team, customers and principals in working towards important outcomes for the company. To that end, the Head of Strategic Support will help to ensure that the CEO gets the most important tasks on his list of priorities done. This role is therefore all about collaboration and facilitating the execution of critical activities to advance selected goals/outcomes.

On a typical day, the Head of Strategic Support will sit in on key strategic meetings, following with detailed notes and pursue action points to completion, particularly for those actions assigned to the Chief Executive. S/he will also draft important client emails and selected communications from the CEO's desk to high level audiences which include heads of businesses and company-wide strategic notices, for example. These will vary in content, tone and sensitivity from case to case.

The Head of Strategic Support will also personally drive one or two projects selected by and close to the Chief Executive, and get involved with driving business aspects of these projects. This will provide an opportunity to diversify the exposure of the individual assigned to this role, and advance his/her high level management skills. 

This is a fairly new position and will evolve with the needs of the business. 

Primary Responsibility

The primary responsibility is to optimize the Chief Executive's role by assisting him and the leadership team to drive key strategic, development, performance and operational initiatives. An important aspect is providing a running update of projects initiated as a priority for the Head of Strategic Support, as well as following up on pending actions deliverable to and from the Chief Executive

Critical Experiance and Skills

  • Excellent writing and communication skills
  • Ability to connect and collaborate with a wide range of people, through cross functional project work, for example
  • Organized, methodical approach to work and check-list oriented
  • Able to use sound judgment to prioritize tasks ranging in complexity and business relevance, from core business activities to more administrative tasks

Desired Qualification

  • Any relevant degree/professional qualification to demonstrate sound academic capability ranging from technology or finance to liberal or creative arts
  • Superior English writing capabilities is a key requirement ?? any qualifications to support that would be  advantageous (for example, experience in freelance business or article writing)
  • Adequate work experience in customer services, operations, finance, marketing or other discipline, which has built the capability to exercise sound judgment and decision making 

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