A mother, wife, daughter, sister, recovering hypocrite, part optimist, part pessimist, ex-girlfriend, best friend, full time enthusiast, part time conspiracy theorist, writer, free thinker, incorrigible dreamer, CEO, qualified marketer, failed weight watcher and one time back packer who hopes never to experience the eternal sunshine of a spotless mind. From being a fisherman's baby to the CEO of JWT Sri Lanka, Alyna took us through her journey of being a family without a phone to driving the communications and advertising campaigns of one of the biggest telecommunications in Sri Lanka - Etisalat.

From the mad men advertising days at Grants , individuality and uniqueness was encouraged as an employee. She also encouraged getting out of your comfort zone. This is essential to open up your mind and let the ideas, create exciting campaigns that inspired a generation to come. We are all told not to rock the boat, not to go against the grain but it is essential to have the conviction and innovation to get the next point in life. But being someone who has not just rocked the boat, but built boats from scratch (in case you didn't know, Alyna was part of the team that built Response Marketing), here's what Alyna had for us.  

1. Be different: There is nothing gained by being a need to anybody. Alyna was not just different, she was able to put her difference (experiences, upbringing) to good use. Her difference was not some cosmetic fluff on her personality, but rather the driving force of her creative zen.

2. Be vigilant: There is always stuff happening around you and vigilance is not just within your own pond but in other ponds. Amen to that! This is what we keep hearing again and again, but fail to put into action. But being sometimes when stuck in our own worlds, it helps to pay heed to people who see what's happening outside. Humility pays. Always.

3. Be relevant: There is a myth that relevance is tied to youth. Some of the most relevant creative minds in the world are some of the most senior in their respective careers. Age has little to do with being relevant or being creative. Its a matter of the mind- if you're ready to change and embrace the new you're halfway there.

4. Choose to have an impact: Do not play it safe but still run the rat race. Transformational success all boils down to not just the things you make but the attitude you carry. Why is this important? Because we are essentially living in an ideas economy, your energy and your attitude is its currency. This has made millionaires of young kids and driven the ethos of entrepreneurship. As you spend money and energy on brand building and marketing, is your attitude and personality relevant and attractive to the people you're targeting?