Sri Lanka's first expressway, E-01, is a highway of international standard. By building the highway, the Road Development Authority of Sri Lanka was able to directly link two important communities in different areas of the country. Using the highway, commuters could make the journey from Colombo to Galle, or vice versa, in a mere 1 hour. 

Development of the road was done at a hectic pace in order to complete the project on schedule. Two key components of the network infrastructure was the installation of an IP surveillance system and a toll-free call centre. 

The IP surveillance system enabled the Expressway Management Unit (EMU) to monitor activity along the highway at 8 interchanges initially, extended to 3 further interchanges with the extension of the road to Matara. In keeping with international safety standards, a toll-free call line was enabled for motorists in distress to ask for assistance. A zero-downtime, fail-safe system, offered un-interrupted, constant accessibility and clear communication channels, ensuring the safety of all commuters. 

The magnificent Southern Expressway made the journey to Galle or to Colombo an everyday experience, creating strong links between the urban population of the west and those in the south. By connecting these communities, many lives were enriched while many industries were uplifted, transportation and tourism being central among them. A team of engineers at N*able were able to architect, install, test and deliver the required connectivity features including the infrastructure for IP surveillance system and the toll free call centre. Working day and night to complete the requirement in 45 days along a partially completed highway, they took on the challenge and enabled a safe gateway to the south.