As the national ICT service provider, Sri Lanka Telecom has pioneered yet another cutting edge ICT service; the first ever carrier grade Wi-Fi service in the country. The services offered through this network include not only managed mobile offloading for mobile service providers but also mobility to SLT's fixed broadband customers through a network of carrier grade Wi-Fi hotspots. By installing a number of these carrier grade Wi-Fi Hotspots in popular localities around the country, including the Dutch Hospital Shopping Precinct, Galle Face Green and the Kandy City Centre, SLT made a transition from within the premises  to the world at large.

Through these hotspots, any network user, with any device, could connect easily to the world, enjoying SLT's superior data speed. To their existing ADSL customers, this meant seamless connectivity. It did not matter where they went, whether they were home or away. Simply by using their existing ADSL username and password they could log into these conveniently placed hotspots. SLT also offered a better experience to mobile data users, such as Mobitel, by giving them the option of smoothly transitioning their mobile data onto this Carrier Grade Wi-Fi network. 

Finally, in offering more services, SLT provided its business users, such as cafes, restaurants and apartment complexes, the option of packaging and re-selling Wi-Fi for its own customers. Rolling out the first ever Carrier Grade Wi-Fi deployment in the country enabled us to enhance the overall experience enjoyed by our fixed broadband customers, whilst extending our services to other network users as well.

Our broadband users hitherto confined to a fixed location can now roam with their fixed connection in our network of Carrier Grade Wi-Fi hotspots!
- Mahinda Herath
CEO - Sky Network
Sri Lanka Telecom

In providing these services, SLT not only generated business for itself, creating incremental revenue streams, but also enabled a more connected user and thereby a more connected world. In SLT's pioneering efforts to offer seamless connectivity, N*able played an architectural role to create a unique and unparalleled user experience.

photo credits :Jindong H